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The Art of Doing Nothing – But Actually

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Here we are the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday and I’m doing nothing. I took this morning to wake up slowly. I had a couple client calls. I went for a walk. My husband had to go in to work and so I found myself alone. I called home to catch up with some family and called a couple close friends as well. Basically, the exact opposite day of what someone might picture on Black Friday. While chatting with my brother, he said “Can you teach me how you feel so content doing nothing?” I laughed. I used to despise being bored. When I was a teenager, I’d get SO antsy if I didn’t have plans or an activity to keep me occupied. Now the days when I get to move slowly or the weekends where I don’t have any concrete plans, they’ve become my absolute …

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About the Value of My Voice

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I started singing when I was about 8 years old. I took private lessons until I was about 15. I was involved in drama club and chorus (..and many other activities). I loved performing and connecting with other people through music. I used my voice to share my thoughts with the world, to meet other peoples and to maybe reach someone who didn’t have the words to describe how they were feeling. I’ve never really been described as shy or quiet. I genuinely enjoy doing presentations/speaking engagements. People have always told me that they love the sound of my voice. I’ve even made a few friends throughout my life because they were intrigued by my voice ..which I guess sounds kind of weird now that I’m typing it, but whatever. I roll with it! I’m also not the loudest one in the room. I like to think of myself as …

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6 Tips on Dealing with Change and Transition

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As humans, many of us really struggle with change and transition. We cling to our routines, the people and things that feel familiar, safe and home-y. Whether we like it or not, a time of change and transition will come our way and learning how to deal can be challenging, especially when it’s an unwanted transition. Times of change and transition can look so different; a rough break up, a move to a new city, start of a new school, program or career, a new workout, loss of a close friendship. As a military spouse, change & transitions are part of my norm. To be honest, they used to be something I would dread. I really struggled with letting go and having to start anew. Slowly but surely, I’m learning to love these changes and transitions. ..And even when I don’t, I’ve definitely gained some knowledge in how to better …

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Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

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Recently I posted on Instagram about feeling stuck. Anyone else feel stuck in any area of life these days? I’ve been sitting in my own uncomfortable, icky “stuckness” for the past few days. (If you don’t already follow along, check it out. I post a lot of quick tips & candid moments.) Truth is, sometimes life can get really challenging. It can feel like life is working against you, or maybe things just aren’t going the way you had hoped and planned. The blurred lines can be infuriating as you’re trying to blaze your own path in life. I’ve taken some time to reflect and explore my most recent experience of stuckness. I’ve chatted with friends and colleagues. I’ve confided in family. I’ve journaled and meditated on it. I’ve read up a bit and listened to some inspiring and educational podcasts. This is what I’ve taken from my past week …

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5 Quick Tips to Help Your Fear-Based Mindset

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“The biggest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.” – John C. Maxwell I read this quote this week and it stopped me in my tracks. Have you ever thought about why you do the things you do day in and day out? What drives you to get to work or to school? Is it a shear passion for what you are doing, that you are truly motivated to be there or is there something else? Do you ever feel limited by your own fears? As a society, we are often driven by fear. This fear-based approach to life is often influenced by something called the scarcity mindset – thinking we will never have or be enough. We fear messing up or making a big mistake because others may not love us or they may view us as less than. Here’s the catch – …

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Changing How I Eat Helped my Mental Well-Being

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As a therapist and coach, I am incredibly interested in health. I am a huge advocate for overall wellness and “holistic” health but I haven’t always been this way. When I used to think of “health”, I thought of a person who didn’t need any medication, didn’t have any diseases and exercised frequently. I didn’t pay much mind to how what you eat correlates to overall health. My, how things have changed… About a year and a half ago I found myself feeling lethargic, stressed, and genuinely unhappy. It seemed like this was just a constant for over a month. I was just miserable. I felt like there was a cloud hovering over my head that made it hard to get out of bed some days. Energy was nonexistent, and I felt so unlike myself. It was scary. I had this weird itch that maybe my food choices and lifestyle …

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How to Prep for Finals Week Stress

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Finals week stress. Oof. Being that a lot of my clients are high school and college students, I wanted to address the (often) dreaded time of year, FINALS & EXAMS. For some they are quickly approaching and for others, you may have a few weeks ahead of you before the madness begins. Taking time to think about how you’re going to approach this high stress time is crucial to survival (and success)! Lots of students end finals week feeling discouraged and burnt out. Many go the whole week running on little to no sleep and then fall into a post finals coma. Sound familiar? Ya. I remember. I did it too! Don’t fret. There truly is a better way! These are some of my best tips and tricks to navigating the finals week stress & frenzy. One step you’ve conquered just by reading this post. Think about it ahead of …