New chapter. less "shoulds."

reclaim your voice. embrace change. build confidence.

You know the famous Elizabeth Gilbert quote:

“The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving,”

I’m here to help you through the unthinkable and the impossible so that you can create a life you actually want to live

sometimes in life, we need a good crumble.

I'm here to walk beside you as you change your life

Most humans are naturally growth oriented. We seek improvement, change, growth and experience in life. Even when you know you desire it, change and growth might feel really hard to sustain. Or maybe you’re not sure how to get going again after feeling stuck for a while. You might notice things like resistance, unhelpful patterns or beliefs, feelings like anxiety, shame, fear, or sadness, come up again and again. This is normal, but without the right tools, this can be the thing that stops and blocks you from being who you want to be, and creating a life you truly want.

Learning the mental wellness practices to approach this from a place of compassion, self understanding, and aligned action is *KEY.* THEN you layer in the personal growth work.

There it lives...

The bridge between mental wellness and personal growth

It’s where change is possible. Growth & acceptance becomes your norm. You see yourself and your life expand. You challenge yourself lovingly, and push out the edges of your comfort zone. You create the life you actually want to live.

Let’s Dive In

private coaching

Give me six months and I’ll help you not only dream about what’s next (you’ve done enough of that to last you a lifetime), I’ll help you make it your reality. One you don’t want to move away from anymore. I know you think that bravery and courage are for other people. YOU are those other people. Don’t spend any more time missing your life.


Say what you really mean, with compassion. Be who you really are, with conviction. This program is for you if you’ve ever dimmed your desires, questioning every step because you were too worried about what they think (or what you think they’ll think ;)). Doors open March 2024!

I’m so glad you're here

Like others, my passion behind this work started with my own journey. I’m committed to living intentionally and powerfully. Throughout my years of experience as a clinical therapist and a life coach, I’ve been guiding incredible humans through the inevitable ups and downs of life, fully embodying mental wellness, establishing their understanding of themselves and creating their version of a meaningful life.


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