Hey friend! I’m Chelsea

My mission is to support smart, driven young adults who are so eagerly trying to find their place in the “real world.” SO many of us are struggling trying to perfectly piece it all together – & no one’s really talking about it. I help my clients ditch stress and anxiety, find the self worth, clarity and direction they’ve been looking for to own their version of living life well.



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Set your group up for success by expanding their emotional intelligence, stress management skills and more...


Life as a twenty-something…

For so many young adults, life goes a little something like this:

Constant STRUGGLE day in and day out. It almost feels like you’re settling – already. Settling for a life that makes you feel like all of the effort, school, and time you dedicated to creating a life you love was for nooooothing. You find yourself constantly comparing yourself to other people wondering why they have it so much better than you (plenty of whom you don’t actually know. Thanks social media! πŸ˜‰ ).

Add in some self doubt and self criticism. The mental chatter is non stop (Oh hello, inner mean girl. Do you ever shut up?!).

Confusion about what the heck you even want, or how to go about getting there has somehow become the norm.

Feeling exhausted, discouraged and burnt out on the reg. Oh yeah, and you can’t seem to make the small changes you know you want for yourself – even though you know they’d be good for you.

BUT BUT BUT – You know there’s got to be a better way for all of this, and you’re determined to figure it out. You’re motivated. You want more for yourself. You know there’s a better way.

Because if you don’t start creating the life you love now, when will you?!

Now YOU sound like my kinda person! You’re ready to make a change. You’re in that something’s got to give mindset and you won’t give up on your life – but quite honestly, you’ve tried it all and nothing sticks.

We should chat! You are SO not alone.

I GOT YOU! This is my jam.

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  • “I can’t say enough good things about working with Chelsea as a life coach. She’s incredible at what she does — she’s brilliant, intuitive, thoughtful, professional, creative, and kind. She helped guide me through a confusing and stressful chapter of my life by offering valuable guidance and concrete action items I could implement in my day-to-day life. We covered a whole host of topics, including applying to grad school, being more productive at work, managing my finances, and navigating difficult family and friend dynamics. No matter the topic, I always left our sessions feeling optimistic, confident, and prepared to face any challenge. I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful resources she offers, whether it’s her Instagram captions that always leave me with a valuable lesson or her accessible and informative workshops, but working one-on-one with her is truly irreplaceable. I would highly recommend that anyone who is seeking guidance or support in their lives, whether for personal or professional reasons, reaches out to Chelsea to learn more about how you can work together. I’m so thankful to have her in my corner!” – Hiba, Age 28, San Francisco, CA
  • “Chelsea brought amazing perspective to her presentation and made everyone in the room feel engaged and at ease. She talked about how especially in a college setting the pressure to exceed in every aspect of social and academic life can sometimes seem overwhelming but there are many healthy and productive ways to conquer this. She used applicable examples from her own life and shared moments where she felt empowered by the tactics and tools that she was sharing. Whether it was a funny story or an emotional self refection she attacked every activity and anecdote with positive and encouraging spirit. I would definitely recommend this program to any group especially consisting of young college women like my sorority.”
    Allie, Drexel University
  • “Chelsea was extremely personable, relatable, and professional over the course of our life coaching sessions. She truly put me at ease and allowed me to feel comfortable to talk about personal areas that I wanted to work on as well as learning how to reflect on the positive aspects in my life. The tools and skills Chelsea shared with me were realistic and applicable. I was able to try them and put them into action right away! From attending a workshop to individual coaching sessions, Chelsea was uplifting, energetic, and resourceful throughout everything. I would without a doubt recommend working together with Chelsea and hope to continue in the future!”
    Sarah K., Age 24, Long Island, NY
  • “Chelsea was very helpful in teaching our chapter valuable life skills and the importance of self-care. As college students, we find ourselves stressed and overworked more often than not. Chelsea gave us the tools to manage our busy schedules and put ourselves first! We are excited to continue our self-growth journey with Chelsea in the future”
    Alpha Epsilon Phi LIU Post