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Meditation: 10 MAJOR Benefits

Meditation is all the rage these days. Though it may seem simple, it can be really hard to implement. Here are 10 major ways meditation can help improve your life and decrease your stress!

The Self Comparison Slump. What Happens When We Compare Ourselves to Others?

Self comparison can have a harsh impact on our lives and we have the power to do something about it!Here's what to do when you notice you are constantly comparing yourself to other people.
Johns Hopkins University

Benefits of Life Coaching for Students

Life coaching can help take students from lost, unsure & STRESSED out to thriving and checking off goals one by one. Let me tell you how!
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Change is Coming Whether We Like It or Not! Here’s How to Deal..

Are you someone who really has a hard time dealing with change? Life transitions are often difficult to manage. Here's how I'm looking at my big move coming up!

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