You’re getting a special invite. Lucky you. 😉

Introducing: 7 in 72

72 hours with me to kickstart the progress and commitment that you keep putting off but know you need to start your next chapter.

What’s included: 

75 minute

During this call, we’ll uncover what’s making your next chapter feel daunting and why you’ve been circling AROUND it for a hot minute. We’ll discuss what needs to crumble so that you can rebuild even better. And then we’ll craft your 7 step game plan for you to walk away with. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to do to get out of your own way and truly make the progress you want to see.

72 hours of Voxer support

You’ll have me in your back pocket day of the call + 2 days after for voice and text support so that you can bounce ideas off me, refine any parts of your game plan, ask clarifying questions and make sure your plan is *truly* solidified. I need you fully on board with every single step you create. This added support will give you time to process initial thoughts and make any needed adjustments as you start to implement. (AKA no half assed “yeses” here. Each and every step we develop needs to be a full bodied – “I will do this!!)

7 minute personalized breathwork recording.

7 minutes, 1x day, for 1 month using the specific, personalized breathwork recording I design for you will help you see yourself in a completely different way. You think you know how to breathe? You think you know how to work through mental gymnastics? You think you don’t need to pay attention to your body and just focus on your thoughts? I’m here to show you another way. This simple practice will help you take what you create in the 72 hours and stay committed to it in the long haul, no matter what setbacks come your way.

All for $377. Limited spots available

(payment plans available)

Once you’re on the list, you’ll be the first to know when session times open up with me! You’ll get all the details on what to look out for so you can lock in 72 hours with me that will change the trajectory for you.

Questions? As always, email me at [email protected] or send me a message on IG. I’m here! 

You’re getting a special invite. Lucky you. 😉

7 in 72