Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

Recently I posted on Instagram about feeling stuck. Anyone else feel stuck in any area of life these days? I’ve been sitting in my own uncomfortable, icky “stuckness” for the past few days. (If you don’t already follow along, check it out. I post a lot of quick tips & candid moments.) Truth is, sometimes life can get really challenging. It can feel like life is working against you, or maybe things just aren’t going the way you had hoped and planned. The blurred lines can be infuriating as you’re trying to blaze your own path in life.

I’ve taken some time to reflect and explore my most recent experience of stuckness. I’ve chatted with friends and colleagues. I’ve confided in family. I’ve journaled and meditated on it. I’ve read up a bit and listened to some inspiring and educational podcasts.

This is what I’ve taken from my past week of stuckness.

Sometimes the key is to:


No one else is going to think about your dreams, your life, or your success as much as you do.

It’s going to take some guts and intention to help your dream life come to fruition. Only you can look inward and discover what you really need to move forward. Having support around us is SO important, but we can’t rely on outside sources to do all of the work. We have to find a way to maintain our confidence and passion even when life doesn’t seem to want us to succeed.

Something I’ve found helpful in getting through some of my stuckness this past week and re-aligning as my own cheerleader has been affirmations.

At the beginning of each day, I start with 3 declarations I want to hold true, just for that day..

“I am capable…”

“I am confident…”

“I spread joy & light…”

You try it:

I am…

I am…

I am…

Another thing I’ve found super helpful is setting my phone alarm for little reminders throughout the day. It’s great to have these intentions first thing in the morning ..it’s also really easy to lose sight of them by lunch time or maybe even by 10am. Bring yourself back to who you are.

If you’re feeling stuck today, I am rooting for you! I hope you are rooting for you too!!

Feeling extra stuck these days? Shoot me a note here and let’s chat. I’d love to check in and learn about what’s going on for you!

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Chelsea Connors