Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries

Break the Cycle of Betraying Yourself

“Boundaries” is a bit of a buzzy concept these days, and for good reason. 

Learning how to communicate your needs, prioritize yourself and set clear expectations with is an EMPOWERING + NECESSARY practice.

But I get that it can feel so uncomfortable

The idea of setting boundaries might make you want to crawl out of your skin. That’s okay. We learn through discomfort. 

Let’s rewrite your idea of boundaries and strengthen your ability to implement them… 

Join me in Beyond Boundaries - a 3 part training series.
get to know yourself better

reshape your understanding of what it means to communicate your boundaries, your needs, your desires.

I always say your life is your own, and I trust that you know you best. I mean it. This series will help you live out that truth so you are living a life YOU actually desire versus being run about by others because you’re so uncomfortable using your voice.

When you learn how to set boundaries, you get to:
  • Increase your self respect and self trust 
  • Live your truth and change how you view yourself
  • Let go of the need for everyone to approve or accept you 
  • Cultivate deeper relationships 
  • Learn what truly works for you, and what doesn’t 
  • Get to know yourself a heck of a lot better
  • Step into the confidence, courage and power that ABSOLUTELY exists within you

This 3 day series will take you beyond the basic narrative to “set boundaries.”

What you’ll get:

Part one

Calm the Insecurities, Self Doubt and Critical Inner Dialogue

Part Two

Amplify Your Self Worth + Self Trust to Step into YOUR Truth

part three

Connect Deeper Through Clear Communication + Using Your Voice

If you’re new around here...

welcome to the party

If you’ve found this page, I believe it’s for a reason

Plug your info in below to register for the series and then give yourself a big pat on the back, or self loving hug!

You’re showing up for you. You’re deepening, stretching and strengthening your sense of mental well-being and connection to yourself which will not only improve your life, but have a ripple effect for all of those around you. I’m genuinely so thrilled that you’re here and I can’t wait to share this powerful work with you. See you soon!