Reset and Refocus Your Life


You shouldn’t have to “settle” by age twenty-something (or ever?).

Ever feel like you just need to press reset? You’re ready to check in with yourself on a deeper level so that you can pursue living life with more intention, direction, clarity and purpose. The Calibration Call is designed to get you there FAST! We’ll work together to explore what’s working, and what’s not working in your current reality while crafting a vision and plan for creating more of what you want in your world.

This is a ONE TIME 90 minute intensive session.
We’ll walk through my signature process of truly recalibrating.
Follow up weekly email check ins and
unlimited email access to me for ONE MONTH following our session.

What Our Time Will Look Like:

  • Pillars of Life

    Check in with each area of life. Identify areas of growth and focus.

  • Curate Self Aligning Goals

    This is where we’ll dig into the knitty gritty of what you’re looking to see change.

  • Find the Disconnect

    When we feel stuck or confused, there’s often something getting in our way.

  • Expand Your Emotional ToolBox

    Learn proven coping skills and techniques to implement regularly.

  • Learn my Signature Calibration Practice

    Ready for a practice that helps you re-evaluate and game plan on your own regularly?