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Loving Lately – September!

One of my favorite parts of this platform is being able to share so much with you all! Here’s a round up of all the things I’m loving lately to support my own personal mental, emotional and physical well-being! As always, YOU are the expert of you. Take what works for you, experiment with it, […]

Letting Go of Anger & Resentment

Ohhh, anger. Why oh why do we have such a complex relationship with anger?! Here’s the thing – when I think about anger, I immediately think of pain. Let me tell you why. I truly believe that most of our anger can be rooted back to hurt in one way or another, whether it’s crossed […]

Sleep Hacks for the Insomniac in You

So many of my clients describe feeling tired and depleted ALL THE TIME. When I ask them about their relationship with sleep or how their sleep hygiene is, I’m often met with a blank stare. Changing your relationship with/habits around sleep is one of THE most beneficial things you can do for your young adult […]

My Loving Lately Summer Edition – Well-being Support

It’s about time for a good ol’ loving lately post. If you’ve been following along over on IG (if you’re not, HI, come hang out!), you probably know that we’re about to move from Charleston to Virginia Beach.  Moving, traveling, weddings, visitors – lots happening this summer. Can anyone relate? This summer is shaping up […]

10 Tips on Letting Go

First things first: There is no one size fits all approach to this process. In this post, I hope to open your mind to some thoughts, perspectives and ideas but being that I have no clue what you’re going through, take what works for you, and as always – leave the rest! (How ironic to […]

How to Turn FOMO into JOMO

Ready to kick FOMO to the curb for good so you can start actually enjoying your free time? Start here! FOMO – lovingly defined as the fear of missing out. That sneaky, sneaky feeling so many of us get at the thought of claiming a night in, saying no to brunch or opting out of […]

Relationships, Connection, Love – 6 Things to Ask Yourself About It

Relationships are a big part of our lives. Connection. Love. – A vital piece that we need to feel good in this whole human situation. I often chat with clients and work with them as they’re sifting through some challenging relationships, situationships, or loneliness as young adults. Everything around us (aka society, social media, social […]

Tools & Apps I’m Loving Lately!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday where my doctor needed to use some fancy technology to take a look down my throat at the cysts on my vocal cords (If you’re new here, that’s a thing I’m going through at the moment). The computer system had a glitch and while we waited for the entire […]

A Week Without My Voice

Radio. Silence. — For those of you who are new in this space, I had surgery on my vocal cords. Nothing major and I’ll be fine, but I couldn’t speak for a week — at all. Doctor’s protocol.  While amidst my week of forced silence, I had so many thoughts swirling around in my head and […]

Getting Out of Your Head

Have you ever heard people say something along the lines of “You just need to get out of your own head..” meaning something along the lines of: you’re getting in your own way, you’re thinking too much about it, you’re caring too much, you’re stepping on your own toes, keeping yourself stuck, etc. Well, how […]

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