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When your heart is telling you something is OFF…

Admitting when things aren’t working can feel like the worst sometimes, can’t it? You don’t want to surrender and allow it.  Maybe it’s the relationship you’ve been pouring into for 5 years… Maybe it’s the job you thought would be “the thing,” but you find yourself dreading showing up and you’re only 3 months in… […]

Building A Gratitude Practice

Have you been hearing a lot about gratitude lately? Sometimes when life feels hard, gratitude can feel so forced or far away. Let’s explore it from a different perspective… starting with a small appreciation. A few weeks back my husband and I sat down to reflect on the year that had passed, and to think […]

6 Tips for When You Feel Like You’re Falling Behind in Life

Ever feel like you're falling behind in life? Somehow it feels like everyone else has the right answers, and a clear path while you're left sitting at home, Netflixing by yourself, wondering why all the guys on Bumble seem completely disinterested in the kind of relationship you see everyone else on the internet has?? Check out this post with 6 Tips for When You Feel Like You're Falling Behind

Social Media Break – 7 Ways to Log Off and Live

Recently I spent some time offline. I took a social media break. I deleted the apps off my phone and unplugged for about a week. I felt a pull that I needed to spend more time with myself, and less immersed in all of the noise of the world all the time. It was time […]

Why we <3 all or nothing thinking

The pain of polarizing aka all or nothing thinking AKA A LOT OF MENTAL NOISE. You know the thoughts like… My boyfriend is a gift to this earth or my boyfriend is the absolute worst human. I am so smart and capable or I absolutely suck at everything I do. My friends love me or […]

A Note on Self Belief

You gotta believe. I saw this note on my beautiful mom’s mirror when I got home to New York last week. First, I paused, smiled and moved on. I have some very similar sticky notes on my mirrors in my house in Virginia.  Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, you know?  But then I […]

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