Chelsea’s Challenges

This year I decided that each month, I am going to try something new. This can consist of adding something of value to my life or taking something away that I feel may not be so helpful for me!

As a recap, for February my challenge was to exercise as soon as I wake up for at least 20 minutes. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I truly enjoy and value my time in the early mornings! However, I don’t exercise right away in the mornings as consistently as I would like to. For February’s challenge, the form of exercise I chose didn’t matter, so much as I got some type of movement in the morning before the crazy, busy, to do list mentality set in. My most favorite forms of exercise right now include yoga, pilates, walking, short runs and HIIT workouts on TMAC fitness.

So, here’s my confession… this challenge was REALLY difficult for me. As much as I love early mornings, waking up and jumping into exercise mode didn’t always sound as appealing as journaling or meditating. I was not able to stick to my challenge every single day this month and that is okay! I am a firm believer that the best way to learn and change is by trying, even if it’s not perfect at first.

On the days where I was successful in exercising early, I found tremendous amounts of value in it. I was significantly more productive and had more energy throughout my day. I noticed that I felt happier, and could fall asleep faster at night. I also didn’t waste any time thinking about where I could squeeze in a workout and ultimately feeling rushed to make it fit somewhere in my schedule.

SO as March is starting tomorrow here’s my new monthly challenge coming your way..

No phone before my morning routine is done!

During February, I found myself wasting so much precious time on my phone first thing in the morning. I would frequently wake up, turn off my alarm and then sit on my phone for 10-25 minutes, scrolling through social media and reading emails. Here’s the thing, I didn’t intend to start working at 6:30am and I definitely wasn’t posting on social media either. So, what is the point of reading everything so early? I’ve noticed that all it does it stress me out and make me feel like I don’t actually have the time to do my morning routine or exercise, which is entirely untrue.

Throughout the past few weeks, as I was thinking about my next monthly challenge and what could add value to my life, this stood out to me. A simple habit I’ve fallen into that surely isn’t helpful. So for March, I’m going to get to work on doing better. Those 10-25 minutes I’ve been spending on my phone could be the 10-25 minutes I use to get my workout done for the day.

Moving forward, you can expect a recap of how my monthly challenge went, and an introduction to my next challenge in a short little blog post at the end of every month! Feel free to follow along or even better, if you’re struggling with the same things, join me! I’d love any to hear any helpful tips you all have to offer.


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Chelsea Connors