5 Steps to Let Go of Feeling Overwhelmed

5 Steps to Letting Go of Feeling Overwhelmed

Ever feel like your to-do list is only growing? For every task you check off, you’re adding two more. It never ends and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. “I’m overwhelmed” is often one of my go to responses when a lot of things are happening in my life, even when some of them are positive but NO MORE thanks to my conversation with Shanna (@shannatyler check her out. She’s amazing!).

Here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned in how to approach feeling overwhelmed:

1. Reframe your overwhelm – Most of the time when you start feeling overwhelmed it means there’s a lot of things going on in your life. I bet at least some of those things are good things though, right? Is there a way to pull from the positive end of what you’re experiencing? Is anything on your plate actually a really great opportunity or privilege? For example, writing a paper sucks but going to school is a privilege and an opportunity that many people can’t afford. Laundry is tedious and boring but how awesome is it that you can do your laundry in your own house? ..And that you have a roof over your head day in and day out?

In our busy, do it all society, it is so easy to take our privileges for granted! Though it may feel challenging at times, much of what is on our plates, is what completes us and makes our lives whole!

2. Identify most important tasks.. do those first – We really can’t do EVERYTHING all in one day! It’s usually just not possible. The most helpful thing to do is to pick the MOST important things you need to do. What would give you the most relief if you accomplished it? What has a strict deadline?

Pick three and get working on those.

3. Give yourself credit – If you followed step two, you’ve accomplished something. You’ve been productive and you’ve made some significant progress. You’re working your hardest and that is simply ENOUGH.

Give yourself some credit for busting your butt even when there are other things that still need to be done. All in good time, my friend.

4. Find your people & build your support system – Ever try doing something all on your own? It can make things SO much more challenging if you feel like you’re holding the world on your shoulders. We all need some support. Find your people.

Having people to talk to, reflect with and plan with is SO crucial. This looks different for many people but some common resources may be friends, family, significant others, therapy or coaching.

5. Stick to routines that make you feel good – Do you know what fills you back up? What do you do on the days where you feel your best? Build more of that into your life on a routine basis so that when the to-do list is just getting longer, you know you still have a few built in times throughout your day that are just for you and that make you feel good. For some this may be waking up to walk in the morning, having a slow cup of coffee, eating healthy meals, journaling, exercise, Netflexing, cuddling your pup, etc.

Whatever your routines are, stick to ‘em! No matter how busy life gets. Time for yourself is always top priority.

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