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See Ya Later Self Doubt – Free Video Training! — Why is that we spend SO much time doubting our capabilities? Do you notice that your self doubt is really messing things up for you, keeping you feeling stuck and playing small? You’re SO not alone! Are you ready to feel like you can finally overcome it to find your inner voice and go after a life that you really, truly want? I’ll show you how! I’ve curated a 40 minute video full of all of my most helpful tips, approaches and tangible exercises (that we’ll work through together in the video) to help you learn how to ditch self doubt! Lets get to it!

26 Ways to Work WITH Your Stress + Anxiety — Feeling a wee bit of stress and anxiety lately? I FEEL YOU and I SEE YOU! I’m here to reassure that you are certainly not alone, and yes, you will get through this and things can get better. I want to inspire and empower you to work WITH your stress and anxiety. Our emotional experiences are like little messengers trying to tell us things (like the cute little characters in Inside Out). Here’s a list of 26 ways to get started!!

Learn to Love Yourself – 5 Day Challenge! — Does the idea of “self love” feel like a foreign concept to you? You’re so used to being uber critical, and super hard on yourself. You’re struggling to figure out how you can actually be kinder to yourself – though it sounds nice, right? I’ll walk you through five days of learning to approach yourself, and your life with more grace, compassion and love! DIVE ON IN! It’s a juicy practice that’ll improve your world x10.