From Anxious to Anchored

Now Is The Time For A Change

your invitation into a different way of being

I no longer wish to live in a world where so many are led by their fears, their anxieties, the doubt and frustration are the fuel.

Now is the time for a change and it starts with you, with me, with each and every human who is willing to explore the discomfort that comes with the desire we all have to succeed, to be happy, to live well.

This workshop is your invitation into a different way of being. In this experience, I will guide you through an exploration of anxiety, and how to work with it, using both mental wellness and coaching practices. You will learn to anchor into the power, the beauty, the truth of all that you are.

Inside From Anxious to Anchored

You will see yourself in a new light

One that allows you to tap into a sense of peace, expansion and trust you never thought possible. You will change your relationship with anxiety, and with yourself.

Each part of the workshop will leave you with something tangible to practice and integrate into your everyday life. Anxiety is not your enemy. Learning how to find your anchor within it is the path forward.

You ready? I’ll see you in there!

What you’ll get:

video lessons

6 carefully crafted video lessons moving through tangible pillars to rework your relationship to Anxiety & Anchor into your truth (Over 6 hours of video content!!)

integration practices

6 integration practices to take what you learn and implement it in your everyday life. These integration exercise will help you feel more grounded, confident and connected.

Sorry NOT Sorry

5 days to your most unapologetic self
free five day challenge
April 18-22