How to Stop Limiting Yourself

Two weeks ago John and I were meandering around our favorite little town when we popped into a local pottery store. John loves talking to strangers so unsurprisingly, we quickly found ourselves chatting with the owner about the evolution of the store. 

He told us about owning the store with his wife, the different potters who sold their work there and how long they had owned it. They were a middle aged couple. He talked us through his journey as a lawyer, her a teacher and then them deciding that wasn’t what they wanted to be doing anymore so they decided to change together. 

Ah yes, the reminder: Your life is not going to be a straight and narrow path. Putting yourself in limiting boxes doesn’t lead to a fulfilling life.

No matter how “successful” or esteemed your title, status or accomplishments may sound, it really doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel right for you. 


He rattled off names and details of the 3 generations of previous owners. It was one of those conversations where you could feel the joy and love this man held for the local community and work they got to do there. 

We chatted some more as he told us about when they bought the store, getting through COVID, expanding to a second location and then deciding to shut it down and remodel their current store instead, how they are learning so much about ecommerce, etc.

I left the conversation feeling so full in the best way. The power of stepping out of old boxes, frames of thinking, ways of being or defining yourself that simply aren’t working anymore.

Want to feel more engaged, lively and purposeful in your life? 

Start doing the hard stuff. Start stepping out of boxes and into your life.

Things like taking healthy risks, listening to the inner nudges when they show up and being an advocate rather than an enemy to yourself.

But how?! 

Give your inner most thoughts somewhere to go rather than bottling them up inside. 

Here are some ways to practice. 

  • Answer 3 questions in your journal everyday for a month, then go back and read them. See what themes you pick up on. 
  • Share your “crazy” (but honestly probably not that crazy) thoughts and ideas OUTLOUD. Record yourself everyday for 3 minutes on your phone, share it with a friend or loved one. 
  • Allow yourself free dream time. We limit ourselves SO much by always thinking about why things won’t work, why it’s not possible, all that will go wrong. Set a timer for 10 minutes or go for a walk and give yourself full permission to dream like a little kid. If you could do or be anything, where would you be putting your time and energy right now? 

Then, once you’ve done some dreaming & ideating, follow the bread crumbs. What’s one tiny step you could take to start moving in a different direction and step out of the old box?! 

Stop boxing yourself in with made up rules about your life “should” go.

Stop boxing yourself in with what you tell yourself you are or aren’t capable of. 

Stop boxing yourself in on what you deem as possible or not possible for you. 

You are not a box. You are a human. Embrace all the nuances and intricacies of it! 

So tell me, what’s one box you’re stepping out of? Reply & let me hear it. I’d love to be a sounding board for your possibilities.  

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Chelsea Connors