Tools & Apps I’m Loving Lately!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday where my doctor needed to use some fancy technology to take a look down my throat at the cysts on my vocal cords (If you’re new here, that’s a thing I’m going through at the moment).

The computer system had a glitch and while we waited for the entire system to reboot we chatted about how amazing technology is — when it works LOLZ. 

I know we’ve all had the experience when technology DOESN’T work and how frustrating that can be. 

But more times than not, technology shows up for us and there are SO many ways we can use it as support in our lives.  I use lots of tools to help me feel good, and support me on my mission to live life to my fullest ability. 

I wanted to share some of these resources with you so you can benefit and live your fullest life also!! 

Headspace – Hands down my absolute favorite meditation app. If you’re wanting to just tap into a mindfulness/meditation practice Headspace offers a free 10 day series that you can repeat as many times as you like. Their paid features blow my mind also. They have specific packs for everything from stress/anxiety to mindful runs to kids practices. I just love it!

Evernote – I was introduced to Evernote about a year and a half ago. At first, I found it a little challenging to navigate because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it. Now I have notebooks created for just about every area of my life from business tasks and blog posts to my personal journal and morning checklist. It’s the bomb diggity and such a game changing organization tool. I’ve shared this with many clients and they seem to love it too!

SelfControl App – If you find yourself wasting hours upon hours scrolling through IG, FB or Youtube, using this free website blocking app has allowed me to stay focused and get lots more done! You essentially type in the sites you want to stay off of for whatever amount of time and the app will block them for you! YAY for more intentional time spent on our screens!

Screen time app limits on iPhone – Similarly to the above resource, setting time limits through the Screen Time resource on my iPhone is a huge win! When this was introduced and I started getting weekly notifications, I was baffled/semi ashamed of how much time I had been spending on social media and incessantly checking my email. My big realization was how much I must be missing out on in the real world by constantly looking down at my screen. I honor my limits and I find myself feeling so much more present in my days, and especially my relationships! All of a sudden I have time to read and get outside and do SO many things I once thought I was “too busy” to do. Check it out if you’re on the iPhone train! 

MyFLO – I read Woman Code by Alisa Vitti back in the beginning of last summer and was SHOOK. Since then, I’ve continued to fill my brain with lots more info about the female body and our cycles. My FLO is essentially a period tracking, hormone balancing app that helps me have continual awareness of what’s happening inside so I can adjust my life in small ways accordingly. Long gone are the days of period by suprise. If you’re a woman and don’t know much about your cycle, the info is SO helpful. 

KAIT – Running a business, continuously learning and working towards my goals has me pretty busy! Although I love a good hour long workout or getting to fitness classes, I definitely don’t have time or energy for that everyday. Kair Hurley’s at home workouts have fit SO well into a busier lifestyle. She offers everything from yoga to HIIT to running, the workouts range from 15 min to 50 min and I always love how I feel. If you’re looking for a great instructor and a great workout that flexes with you throughout your life, Kait Hurley may be someone you want to check out!

If you’ve been searching for some new resources and supports, technology can really be your friend!  Would love to hear about tools/apps you use in your life, send me an email or comment below to let me know what you think!

P.S. None of these resources are paid sponsorships. I truly just love all of tthese tools and wanted to share with my awesome community.
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