My Loving Lately Summer Edition – Well-being Support

It’s about time for a good ol’ loving lately post. If you’ve been following along over on IG (if you’re not, HI, come hang out!), you probably know that we’re about to move from Charleston to Virginia Beach. 

Moving, traveling, weddings, visitors – lots happening this summer. Can anyone relate?

This summer is shaping up to be pretty dang full and busy! Whenever life ramps up in speed, I always try to hanker down on the ways that I can support myself. I know what it feels like to lose ALL of my routines, habits and wellness practices that keep me feeling grounded and coming back to myself, and let me just say – you don’t want to hang out with that version of Chelsea. 

It’s so important to me to support myself from as many angles as possible ESPECIALLY during busier and more chaotic seasons of life. The key here is to be flexible! Make your support work FOR you. They shouldn’t be something that adds stress to your life. 

All about simplicity, ease and SUPPORT here. I usually incorporate some things I may not when I’m in my normal routines and feeling a bit more settled. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you all.

Here are some of my favorite things I’m using to support my wellbeing this summer!!

  1. Ritual vitamins – A few months ago I was on the prowl for some vitamins that would really make a difference for me. It was important to me that they had key nutrients that women don’t typically get enough of  – things like omega 3, vitamin B12, iron (I have a history of being low on vitamin B and iron, which totally effects my energy levels!!), magnesium and many, many more. I’ve signed up for their automation service so they just show up once a month and it’s something I don’t even have to think about. They also taste like mint so it goes down easy each and every morning. I’ve noticed a difference in my hair, nails, skin and sleep since I started using Ritual a few months ago! Win win win.
  2. Good Sweat workouts – I tend to like to change up my workouts a bit. Typically, I enjoy studio classes and group workouts but being that we’re moving about and traveling a lot, the reality is that I’m not going to get to a class 4-5x/week. Movement (even a 20 min sweat) has a HUGE impact on mood, confidence and clarity. I’ve been following Rachael’s Good Eats for years. I’ve completed the first month of her GoodSweat series and am loving it! It’s 4 HIIT and circuit workouts/week that take about 30-40 minutes each. I am LOVING them. The flexibility, challenge and direction is exactly what I’m needing right now.
  3. My morning journaling practice – Mmm, I don’t think I’ll ever get over this one. My morning journaling has become a sacred practice for me. I love waking up and having some time to dump all of my thoughts, to dream about the day ahead, scribble through my worries and whatever else comes to mind. Throughout the years, this practice has evolved quite a bit. Some days I’m using prompts. Some days I need to free write. Some days I follow a specific structure. Lately the prompts I’ve been digging are: How do I want to feel today? What are 3-5 amazing things that COULD happen today? What energy do I want to give to my clients today? How can I give that same energy to myself first? What is my affirmation to carry today?
  4. Deepak Chopra Meditations – Every once in a while Deepak and Oprah offer a 3 week free meditation series. I have the app downloaded and often will scroll through to see whatever free offerings they have at the time. If it resonates, I dive in. I like this app and Deepak’s approach to a meditation practice. They’re usually anywhere from 12-20 minutes. Oh how I’ve come to love me some stillness and slow down. Don’t get me wrong, some days it’s REALLY hard to sit there but I show up. Do you?
  5. Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health – This one is newer for me! In thinking about the coming weeks, I recognize that I’ll be eating out a lot more than I usually like to. I know that means I likely won’t be getting as much nutritional support and wanted to be proactive about how I’m fueling my body. I’ve added this to my morning mix and dang does it feel good. I love getting some extra greens in. It also has sweetgrass, probiotics (good for the tum tum), spirulina and SO much more. I feel less stressed about not always having access to the best food while traveling because I know I have this in my system at the beginning of each day. Plus, I have the coconut vanilla flavor so it goes down much more smoothly.
  6. No phone between 9pm and 9am – This doesn’t happen everyday but on the days where it does, I feel a HUGE difference. I spend a lot of time online due to the nature of running my biz. I’ve learned to set some clear boundaries around when I use my phone and for what. The days where I put it away right at 9pm I have more time to engage with my husband and family or friends (depending where I am) and I also notice I fall asleep WAY faster. Waking up and not reaching for my phone right away feels SO nice. The messages, photos, updates, all the goods will be there whenever you log on. Let’s be conscious of how we’re using tech! Join me!!
  7. Working with my own coach – I’m a big fan of practicing EVERYTHING that I preach! I know that I tend to lean towards the more anxious side when things feel uncertain and new. Having my own coaching support is absolutely instrumental in me intentionally getting through these next few months feeling good. It’s something I’m always using in my world. I love the accountability. I love the way she helps me think outside of my own headspace. I love the tools and insights she brings to the table. I love having time to talk out loud and reflect so I don’t miss out on my own life. I just love this work so damn much, both as a professional and as a client. This space is SO valuable. 
  8. The Financial Gym – Weeeeeee-oh! The more I meet with young adults and we dive into their stressors and anxieties, 9/10 times MONEY is a huge one. It’s obviously a big factor of wellbeing. I joined the Financial Gym back in November and it’s transformed my world. I meet with or connect with my trainer at least once a month. This week, we sat down for our quarter review and planned for all the extra expenses coming our way this summer with moving, traveling and weddings. Having a plan for how we’ll be intentional with our funds, knowing how to make our money work for us, and improving our awareness is worth every dang cent. I’ve learned SO much and financial anxiety has decreased significantly. It feels so nice to have the freedom to get some new things we’ve been wanting when we move and to travel with more ease knowing where the money is coming from. They can help you set financial goals, find a budgeting and spending system that works for you, travel hacking, tackle your debt, learn about investing and smart credit use, even talk about retirement. You name it! If you’ve been thinking about your money a lot and it’s something that’s constantly stressing you out, you can use this code to set up a free 20 minute consult and learn more about them! (If you sign up through my link, I get a small kickback on my end. Thank you for supporting me!).

WHEW! There you have it! All the thangs I’ve been loving lately – All the ways I’m supporting myself during this busy, busy season. As I mentioned, it’s all about flexibility. There’s no one size fits all approach. Things that are working for me now may not be what I’m needing 3 months from now and that is totally okay. 

Do some digging. Let yourself try on some different supports. Find what works for you in this season of your life. Send your Q’s my way! I ALWAYS love hearing from you. And if you’re looking for more resources I love, check out this post about tools and apps I’ve been digging.

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