Thoughts on Mantras and Affirmations

I have a lot of thoughts on mantras and affirmations. The other night I was thinking about them, and how they’ve become so popular. They’re super mainstream and LOTS of people are using mantras and affirmations in their daily lives. SHWEET!

I thought of when I’ve found them useful in my life and the first example that came to mind was NOT what I expected. It sounded a little like this..

“I can do this. I can do this.” — my mantra as a little kid.

Ya see, every six months I had to get my blood drawn. I’ve had some chronic autoimmune issues since I was about 6 years old and getting my blood drawn regularly was something I had to get accustomed to from a pretty young age. At first, it scared the ever living shizzz out of me.

I would sit up on the chair, close my eyes and squeeze my mom’s hand as I repeated out loud, “I can do this. I can do this.” over and over and over again. I remember feeling so proud of myself every time I left the doctor’s office. I felt like I had conquered Mount Everest or just run a marathon (whatever the little kid version of these feelings of accomplishment look like hahaha) each time I hopped off that chair and back into the world as a stronger, more confident 6 year old me!

After some practice and consistency with this mantra, getting my blood drawn stopped feeling scary.

I really started to own the fact that I COULD do this once scary thing without having to lose my sh*t every time. I adapted and became more resilient.

Why can’t we do this as adults? It seems like it takes a lot more efforting to put these somewhat simple practices and techniques into place, doesn’t it? Sometimes I feel like adult me could really learn a lot from younger me.

As an adult, it can be so much harder to cheer myself on and to give myself a pep talk when life feels real hard and scary. When I’ve failed and need to start fresh, sometimes my brain automatically starts picking me apart — telling me all the things I did wrong, why I’m not good enough, why I should NOT try again, etc. etc. — which is anything BUT helpful. YUCKKKKKK.

I don’t think mantras and affirmations are cure-all. I don’t think they are the one key to “success” or “happiness.”

But I freaking love how they bring intentionality to the forefront of our minds.

We can get super lost and worked up in the day to day shuffle. Mindlessly moving from one day to the next without thinking about what we could be doing, saying, or believing that may help us craft a life that feels more fulfilling.

It starts with intentionality and I think creating a self serving mantra or affirmation is an incredible tool to help us do just that! It can be the hand hold we need to approach a tough conversation, to assert our worth or to be your own cheerleader on the tougher days.

Mantras and affirmations help to put just a smidgen of power and intentionality in our busy, busy lives with little time commitment or extra exerted effort. I now pick a mantra or affirmation each day at the beginning of my AM routine and I hang on to it throughout the day when hard things come up or maybe even when I just feel bored. Sometimes I use the same one for weeks or months at a time. Other times I change it up on the daily.

There are no rules here people. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but I think the more we can open our awareness and intentions to the choices we make day in and day out, the better off we’ll be!!

Some of my favortie mantras & affirmations currently include:

I am capable of absolutely anything I set my mind to.
I am deserving of love and attention.
I bring joy and lightness everywhere I go.
I am worthy of the same love I give to those around me.
Good things are coming.
I am a healthy person with healthy habits.
I give myself permission to dream and to create my best life.
I welcome change with love and acceptance.
I exude a healthy confidence that attracts the best people into my life.
I am capable, brave and significant.
Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable.
I bring energy and fun into every room I enter.
I am lighthearted and calm throughout my days.


What is your go-to affirmation? Send me a note to let me know!! I would love to hear what works for you and add to my list.

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Chelsea Connors