4 Questions to Help You Find New Perspectives

We spend a lot of time in our own heads, listening to our own stories and viewing the world a specific way. It’s easy to get lost and stuck there – but also super natural, unless we’re intentional about stepping outside of our own little brains.

A lot of us resist the opportunity to see things from a perspective other than our own. It’s easy to forget that there is so much life to be lived. There’s so much going on around us that it’s easy to forget about the many, many ways to view or interpret the same thing! 

Gaining perspective outside of your first instinct can be so helpful when you’re really going through something or feeling stuck. Let me show you how to find a new way of looking at the same old shizzzz.

Whether you’re facing something deeply painful or you’re looking to change things up in your life, cultivating the capacity to see the world through a new lens is really only going to work in your favor. 

I promise you! Play with me here. 

Questions to help you access a different perspective:

Pick one person that you feel really close to. This person has your best interest in mind at all times. They’re on your level. They understand you. They have so much love for you. Q1: If they were you right now, in your situation, how might you advise them or guide them in approaching your situation/belief/stuck point?

Q2: What are ALL of the ways this could POSSIBLY be interpreted, approached or changed? I want you to write out all possibilities, even if you don’t agree or believe in it.One of my favorite tools like ever on the whole entire planet is writing. There is so much research that backs up how writing positively impacts our self awareness and ability to connect within. My favorite form, anything and everything writing (ie. freeform). Try this exercise without any filtering. There is nothing “too dumb” or “too out there.” Just get your thoughts and ideas on paper. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write the entire time, even if that means writing “I don’t have anything else to say…” just keep going. 

Q3: When I think about who I want to be in this world, I imagine he/she/they would approach this situation by… Use your future, best version self to help your garner perspective by answering this prompt and really envisioning what that might look like. 

Q4: How can I take more space for myself in this moment to come back and start anew? Take space and start again. Taking space can mean so many different things – ending a conversation, spending a night alone, turning your phone off, take a nap, claim a day off, connect with nature, taking a minute (or 10 or 20) to breathe deeply.  What do you need in order to recenter right now?

Bonus Q: What can you do that would challenge you to try something new or get outside of your typical comfort zone?  It’s an experiment where I’m going to ask you to DO something.  Volunteer, go to a new park or a new part of town, try a different kind of workout, read a different genre, mix up your normal routine.

If you find it super challenging to get out of your own head, into the world and really find some different perspectives towards something you’re going through, having an outside, unbiased listening and a place where you can freely talk aloud can make ALL the difference. It would truly be my honor to provide that for you and get you moving in the direction you’re longing for. Schedule your free call with me to learn more about working together, today!

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