Kiss your quarter life crisis goobye


Feel like your quarter life crisis is lurking around the corner? Anxiety is on the rise and you just can’t escape the stress? You shouldn’t expect yourself to know how to navigate it all on your own!

Life while learning who you are as an “adult” is confusing, weird, overwhelming AF, and often discouraging!

Transitions and change can be hard at any stage of life, but especially when you’re trying to piece together every area of your life all at once. There are so many ups and downs and new scenarios to navigate that no one ever really warned us about. Were you painted a picture that if you went to school and succeeded in college, you’d have everything set when it was time to meet “the real world?”

For most of us, that isn’t at all how things play out..
Cue the paralyzing self doubt, self hatred, anxiety driven, unhealthy life approach.
Not so fun, I get it and I’ve been there.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re really over:
-feeling an immense sense of self doubt
-debilitating anxiety and stress overload
-feeling like you’re settling at the ripe old age of twenty-something
-struggling with burn out as a young adult
-constantly berating yourself in your head about why you suck, why you’ll never be good enough and how you’ll definitely never get where you want to be in life
-feeling unhealthy and somehow unable to change your lifestyle even though you *know* what you should be doing
-life feels some mix of boring, scary and confusing
-feeling lost with no clue which direction to turn
-loneliness and self comparison take the lead more often than not

You’re really ready for…

-life to feel fun, light and fulfilling
-strong coping skills to handle the not-so-good days
-a sense of direction and purpose
-untethered sense of self confidence and self worth
-a deep sense of wholeness and resilience that allows you to handle whatever comes your way
-healthy routines and rituals that keep you feeling centered, grounded and healthy
-courage to take chances and live a life you really love
-new ways to manage the ups and downs that come in your day to day
-meaningful connection with others
-a strong ability to communicate your needs

You’re motivated. You’re ready. You know there has to be so much more for you and your life.

I work with young adults who are sifting through this confusing stuff that comes up in the transition to adulthood. In a time that feels overwhelming, uncertain and scary, I can help you navigate this period of life more smoothly by cultivating a deeper level of self worth, self understanding and self love. Utilizing science backed skills and tools, you truly can navigate these big life changes with ease and grace!

Imagine how good life would be if you started to consciously create your best life NOW instead of waiting until you’ve spent a few years pounding the pavement and dreading each new day.

Seriously. Think about what that life would look and feel like.

Grounded to my Core

The Juicy Details on my Signature Coaching Program:

Private 1:1 Coaching Calls: We’ll use these calls to talk through the biggest struggles and stuck points you’re up against. From anxiety to career to relationships to finances, this is your space to bring anything and everything to the table. Your place to work through the hard shit no one is helping you with. Six months of up to 3 coaching calls per month via Zoom video chat. Each call is 50 minutes in length. 

On-demand Voxer Support: You know those times when wish you just had someone to bounce your thoughts off of during a challenging situation? Need some further support processing through something we talked about in session? Imagine how much easier it will be having a coach essentially in your back pocket all day long. 

Shared Google File:  A sacred space to circle back to our notes from session, share resources and work through your intentions and practices in-between sessions. You’ll often find journal prompts, link to articles/videos and recaps from every single hour we spend together all in one place!

Access to my Content Vault: Ever want to dive deeper into a topic outside of session? I have been curating a content library exclusive for my client base that expands on topics I coach on most often to help my clients really expand their knowledge base. 

Me, your coach, backing your every move and supporting you! With thousands of hours supporting clients one on one, you’ll have me cheering on your growth and self understanding.

If you’re ready to shift your approach to the chaos of life in a meaningful and intentional way, start your application by booking a free call with me!


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The Buzz – Testimonials


If you’re *thinking* about working with Chelsea, you’ve already made up your mind: you’re going to work with her! It’s just a matter of how and when. Know that you are in good hands. Chelsea is kind, patient, funny, and honest. She’s a great listener and asks you the questions that you’re probably already thinking, but are too afraid to ask yourself. Unlike some coaches, she’s never going to force you out of your comfort zone. Rather, she will point you towards the outside of your comfort zone and then gently walk you towards the edge so that you can take those steps yourself in whatever way suits you. Working with Chelsea has been one of the most positive experiences of my young adult life.


I’m more open to new people, places, and things. I’ve met friends, I’ve gone on dates, I’ve tried a lot of activities that would’ve otherwise intimidated me, I’m more outgoing…the list goes on and on. I feel like a better, happier, more optimistic, more self-aware version of myself, and I can genuinely say I’m on the path towards loving who I am, despite my flaws. It’s a long journey, that’s for sure, but now that I’m on the path, it doesn’t feel nearly as scary. And so much of that is because of you, so THANK YOU!!


My life is still hard and messy and complicated for sure, but I feel so much better than I did a year ago this time. I’m way less anxious, getting to know myself more, and actively working on living a life that I enjoy and I’m not just trying to get through. A few months ago I couldn’t of set boundaries like I have, I couldn’t allow myself to feel anger or sadness, and I wasn’t taking any risks or opening up to people. Now I definitely feel all of the feelings and self-growth is possible in a way that I didn’t even consider before. I’m also able to be more gentle with myself and that wasn’t in the realm of possibilities before. And again, I’m able to be grateful now for the things I do have and what’s to come while I continue working.


The work we did together was incredible. I said It before, I feel as though I was able to grow, learn how to communicate, learn how to react and work on my relationship. Nobody is perfect but Chelsea made sure I saw my own self worth and it can't be taken from me. Great work within such a short amount of time. She understands you and is able to put your thoughts into words to understand.