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Feel like your impending doom via quarter life crisis is lurking around the corner? Coming in waaaay too hot?

Let’s be real – life while learning who you are as an “adult” is confusing, weird, overwhelming AF, and often discouraging!

Transitioning to adulthood can be a real big challenge. There are so many ups and downs and new scenarios to navigate that no one ever really warned us about. We were painted a picture that if we went to school and then went to college, we’d have it all together when we left.

For most of us, that isn’t at all how things play out..

Cue the paralyzing self doubt, self hatred, anxiety driven, unhealthy life approach.

You’re really over:

-feeling an immense sense of self doubt
-debilitating anxiety and stress overload
-feeling like you’re settling at the ripe age of twenty-something
-struggling with burn out as a young adult
-constantly berating yourself in your own head about why you suck, you’ll never be good enough and you’ll definitely never get where you want to be in life
-feeling unhealthy and on a constant stress cycle
-settling for a life that leaves you feeling bored, scared or useless
-feeling lost with no clue which direction to turn
-loneliness and self comparison taking over

You’re really ready for:
-life to feel fun, light and fulfilling
-a sense of direction and purpose
-untethered sense of self confidence and self worth
-a deep sense of wholeness and resilience that allows you to handle whatever comes your way
-healthy routines and rituals that keep you feeling centered, grounded and healthy
-courage to take chances and live a life you really love
-new ways to manage the ups and downs that come in your day to day
-meaningful connection with others
-strengthening your ability to communicate your needs

I work with post college grads & young adults who are sifting through this confusing stuff that comes up in the transition to adulthood. In a time that feels overwhelming, uncertain and scary, I can help you navigate this period of life more smoothly by cultivating a deeper level of self worth, self understanding and self love. Utilizing science backed skills and tools, you truly can navigate these big life changes with ease and grace!

Imagine how good life would be if you started to consciously create your best life NOW instead of waiting until you’ve spent a few years pounding the pavement and dreading each new day. Get ahead by letting yourself seek the JOY in the day to day right away.

Seriously. Think about what that life would look and feel like.

Coaching Programs

*I always leave space for some sliding scale clients in hopes of making this support accessible to more amazing humans.

Calibration Call:
One Individual 90 Minute Coaching Session
This coaching experience will help you find your true north – by diving deep into what you envision for your life, talking about your big goals/dreams (that maybe even scare you a little), and getting clear about what’s getting in the way.
You’ll walk away with the clarity you’ve been looking for on exactly where you’re headed with your dang life, and how to get there!!

Month to Month One on One Coaching Program:

– 4 video chat sessions/month
Unlimited support inbetween sessions via email
– Working shared Google Doc to track session topics, homework and share resources

6 Month One on One Coaching Program:

– 4 video chat sessions/month
Unlimited support inbetween sessions via email
– Working shared Google Doc to track topics, homework and share resources

You know you best. You decide the level of support you need!
If you’re ready to shift your approach to the chaos of life in a meaningful and intentional way, fill out the form below – let’s get to it!


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