Loneliness + Isolation During Young Adult Life

Isn’t it so strange? We’re more connected than ever before and yet so many of us feel SO alone in it all.

Oh, loneliness. Welcome! So many of us believe that there’s something wrong with us when we feel any semblance of lonely during what are supposed to be the “best years of our lives.”
Young adult years are confusing nd weird. Best friends start branching out in a million directions. Linear career paths are certainly not the norm. People start coupling off. People travel. Everyone has different interests. People move. And then, there’s you?
Let’s talk about the loneliness. Let’s help you feel connected again.

We’ll dive into why this becomes a problem, what to look out for and what we can do about it because no doubt – you are not alone!

Join me for this FREE workshop on Monday JUNE 24th at 6pm EST.
Bring a pen. Bring some paper. Bring your warm loving heart and let’s get to it!