A Millennial’s Guide to Stress + Anxiety


This guide will walk you through my 4 step process to approach stress + anxiety in your life from a totally new perspective.

These 43 page ebook is full of tangible insights and applicable exercises that will help you get into action mode and practicing the changes you’re wanting to see from the very start!

The workbook outlines 4 stages to walk you through one month of transformation:
Week One: Awareness
Week Two: Acceptance
Week Three: Agility
Week Four: Action

Take your time. My hope is that you will learn the skills to fill your toolbox via this workbook so that stress and anxiety no longer holds you back from living the life you know you are capable of! GRAB YOURS NOW. Happy learning!


Are you ready to stop feeling like your life is limited by the stress and anxiety you experience on the reg? Are you sick of feeling nervous and worried all the time about what’s wrong with you or why you can’t ever seem to be good enough?

This guide will lead you through a month of re-working how you approach stress and anxiety as a young adult. I’ve curated over 25 exercises to provide you with the tools and skills you need to take your life back.


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