Re-Establish You

Cheesy? Maybe. True? Yes.

It’s time to recognize how capable and worthy you are

Working in mental health for over 7 years, I can’t tell you how much I believe in the power of this work & its ability to help you feel + live better.

In a world that constantly tells you who you “need” to be, what you “should” do next, I aim to empower you with the tools and understandings to filter through the noise. Instead, discover more of yourself and let that guide and direct how you live.

I’m so thrilled to offer something that will do just that...

Over the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with hundreds of humans as they share the most intimate parts of themselves…

  • The times that reminded them what life is all about
  • The moments that shook them to their core and caused them to question everything
  • The days and weeks where life felt exhausting, pointless, confusing, and heartbreaking
  • The ones where they saw the momentum of becoming more inline with their truth and understanding of ALL that they are.

There aren’t many opportunities in our busy lives to take intentional time to explore yourself, to get to know yourself, to question things, to understand new and different ways of navigating inevitable human experiences.

I put together the Re-Establish You Bundle as an opportunity to check back in, to connect with yourself, to unlearn some unhelpful patterns, and to help you step into who you desire to be.

I’m so thrilled to bring this Bundle to you

I see you...

No matter what you’re going through right now, please know that change is possible and that life actually gets to feel good. Will you slow down enough and invest in discovering that for yourself?

Re-Establish You: The Self Connection Bundle will guide you into more confidence, clarity and self understanding to improve your mental well-being and your sense of self.

over 8 hours of video training modules

This bundle offers many, many integration exercises and offerings:

From Anxious to Anchored

In this experience, I will guide you through an exploration of anxiety, and how to work with it, using both mental wellness and coaching practices. You’ll also learn to anchor into the power, the beauty, and the truth of all that you are. Inside From Anxious to Anchored Challenge, you will change your relationship with anxiety, and with yourself.

The Link Masterclass

In part one, you will focus on claiming loving self responsibility. You’ll experience a reframe in what it means to hold yourself accountable from a place of self understanding. Part two is where you cultivate your empowered voice. Healthy communication, setting boundaries, owning and speaking your truth in a way that feels authentic and pure

Release & Reinvigorate

In this workshop, you will learn how to deepen your practice of actively processing and releasing what is holding you back from living more presently in your life with tangible, action oriented tools. You will learn how to detach from specific outcomes and loosen your grip on control that fuels anxiety, stress and frustration.

POWERFUL presence.

A 3 day workshop to

strengthen your voice and

have the hard conversation

you’ve been avoiding