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Wednesday, november 30th
7pm et/4pm pt

Release & Rise Breathwork


The moment you put down the heavy shit that’s been keeping you a bit stuck, small, stagnant. 

I get it. There’s so much in life that can feel out of our hands, and there’s truth to that. 

There’s also truth in the fact that a lot of people are waiting for some type of magic bullet to enter their lives and suddenly make everything better or give them the courage to do the thing…

-finally have the hard conversation

-make the career pivot

-let go of some old, wounded stories that you’ve outgrown 

-become MORE of yourself that you can see glimpses of here or there

Time to breathe.Drop your name & email if you're in!

you'll be suprised what your breath has to teach you

Out of your head. into your body.

I started practicing breathwork because I was ready to get out of my head and to learn how to TRULY listen to my body. I was tired of fighting with my thoughts and I wanted to experience something completely different to help me live an epic and aligned life. If that’s you, you’ve found the right place! Let’s do it.

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dare to breathe
The breathwork practice to turn your
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