Ideas for Slowing Down Before a Busy Season

It’s August 8th as I’m writing this blog post. Isn’t it nuts how quickly some months seem to go while others seemingly drag on forever? As mid-August is quickly approaching, I can slowly see the busy-ness of the fall season becoming a reality. Am I alone?

..didn’t think so.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves as we anticipate a busy season, a big change or a readjustment is to savor the time we have right now. Our brains are incapable of functioning at full speed 24/7 and the research to support the slow down is astronomical. Just like anything we use in life, our bodies and minds need time to rest, recharge and restore to function at their highest capacity. The more we allow for time to cool off, the better prepared and capable we will feel when it is time to pick up the pace once again!

So for these last few weeks of summer here are some ideas of how you can sloooow down before your world speeds up.

  1. Try not to fully pack your schedule for the next few weeks. Maybe take 1 day each week (or more) where you have NOTHING planned. No lunch dates, no work to do, no fitness classes, etc. When the day arrives, check in with how you’re feeling and do whatever feels right for that day! Even when our schedules are packed full of fun stuff, we can get overwhelmed and tired.. practice balance with some empty days.
  2. Incorporate extra time for the things you know you won’t be able to once fall rolls around. Maybe that looks like a day at the beach, a seasonal ice cream shop, reading a book just for fun, watching a sunset or a super long walk with a friend. Where can you be intentional about savoring up all your summer favs?
  3. Sleep & rest. Sleep in. Go to bed early. Lounge on the couch. Lounge by the pool. Overall, rest more.
  4. Love your people. I know for me, when work/life picks up, I won’t have nearly as much time to spend with my people. Do the extra things to show your love for others now that you likely won’t have as much time for in a few weeks! Send a card, make a phone call, grab a coffee, whatever that looks like for you!
  5. Start practicing the healthy routines you hope to keep throughout the fall. If you’re looking to add something new into your life like meditation, morning routines or no phone before bed, try starting now. It may be easier to stay on top of while your busy if you test it out while you have more time!

I hope this upcoming season is one you are looking forward to and these tips lead you to a smooth transition! If you’re seeking some extra support to work on improving your quality of life, feel free to reach out to me here!


Picture of Chelsea Connors

Chelsea Connors