Social Media Break – 7 Ways to Log Off and Live

Recently I spent some time offline. I took a social media break.

I deleted the apps off my phone and unplugged for about a week. I felt a pull that I needed to spend more time with myself, and less immersed in all of the noise of the world all the time. It was time to log off and live.

I can’t tell you how deeply impactful this was.

Time offline, unplugged and away from social media can help to improve your mental and emotional health, your physical health, your relationships and your self awareness. Taking a social media break is good for you.

When I talk with my community, I often ask what it is they are wanting more of. Overwhelmingly the response tends to be – to feel more present and joyful in life, to be more confident in oneself, to feel less anxious and more grounded. Who doesn’t want more of that?!

Being mindful of how we spend our time, what we’re filling our space with, and where we’re investing our energy is so influential on how we feel throughout our days.

If you’ve been considering a social media break but aren’t sure what you would do without cosntantly scrolling and checking, here are 7 ideas you may try instead of the never ending scroll…

  1. Anything in the name of joy, ease or pleasure. What is something you’ve been wanting MORE of lately that aligns with your best self, and the life you want to create? Start here. Start now.
  2. Picking up a new hobby! It may sound corny but hobbies are actually incredibly important and fulfilling – yes, even for adults. (Ie. painting, learning an instrument, writing, drawing, puzzles, cooking, coloring, hand-lettering, surfing, bird watching, you name it!)
  3. Use some time to self reflect. Check in with you. How does your life actually feel right now? What’s working? What’s not working?
  4. Practice more presence throughout your days. What is it like to be fully in one place? “Be where your feet are.” It is wildly rebellious to just be nowadays.
  5. Have meaningful conversations with people you love (or strangers). Be really engaged with them. Be all there.
  6. Get more rest. Sleep more. Go easy on yourself. Ah, imagine?!
  7. Spend more time outdoors. The healing nature of the great outdoors is truly magnificent. Soak it up.

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Chelsea Connors