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imagine this: In eight weeks  you’ve quieted self doubt  for good
so that you can confidently take action towards your most authentic life 

Are you tired of feeling like you know what to do 

but you just can’t seem to do it?

  • You let others tell you what to do 
  • you don’t speak up for yourself
  • you’re not living the way you really want to
Here’s the deal: you struggle to say what you mean in a kind way, or to be confident in being yourself


you are caught in the relentless tug-of-war between pleasing others and honoring your own path.

that’s where Soft Power comes in. 

Soft Power is about taking small steps that leads to BIG changes. 

Imagine if you could...

It’s for you if you’ve ever dimmed your desires, questioning every step because you were too worried about what they think (or what you think they’ll think ;)).

It's time to end this battle, not with a bang,
but with the subtle strength of

this is how we roll

Introducing Soft Power

It’s a call to those tired of the relentless hustle, the endless comparison, and the suffocating fear of judgment.

This is where your journey diverges from the path of the many to the path of the one — your own.

The thoughts and ideas that both scare the shit out of you and get you all excited – we’re going to look at that in the face instead of pushing it down again.

Unlock your potential, not by changing who you are, but by becoming more you than ever before.
in a world that demands you to harden, to scale, to compete,

Soft Power offers you another option

Welcome to your soft power era

You can quiet self doubt and confidently take action towards your most authentic life starting …now.
It's not just about finding your voice; it's about ensuring that voice resonates with the truth of who you are and who you wish to become.

How will you know it’s working?

Here are some things you may experience once you join Soft Power…

The time is now.

Ready to start your Soft Power life?

This is the way

Here's how we break it all down in Soft Power
More of you

I know that you have more to give to your life. That’s why you’re here. This week will focus on helping you clarify what that means and looks like for you.

the path of you

You need to understand how SOFT POWER applies specifically to YOU in YOUR world. This week you will define that.

get into your body

I have an inkling you spend too much time in your head and it is DEFINITELY getting in your way. Let’s change that.

STARt your ripple

What are the choices, actions, conversations and pivots you’ll make that will start moving things in a different direction? You’re going to find them and make them.

just breathe

You’ve got this. But for the times where you feel like you don’t, you’ll have a plan. I call it a “Just Breathe” plan.

say it like you mean it

You want to use your voice but don’t really know how? You’ll get frameworks, time to practice and build the skillset to take out into your real life.

there they are

Stop trying to do this alone. I repeat, STOP TRYING TO DO THIS ALONE. We need to build up your go-to people. I’ll teach you how.

there you are

Put it all together. Stand tall. Say what you mean, with compassion. Be who you are, with conviction.

Who is Chelsea?

“Kind, but strong,” they say.

I’ve lived the majority of my life caring A LOT about other people, always wanting everyone to be included and embracing the mindset of “the more the merrier.” Whenever anything went awry, my gut instinct has always been to “put myself in their shoes,” empathy.

I’ve got a lot of that.

Arguably, it’s one of my strongest assets.

Having a lot of empathy has helped me excel first in grad school at Johns Hopkins studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling, then as a traditional therapist and ultimately as a coach + breathwork facilitator.

Send me the people and I will help them hear and see themselves clearly!

Another essential skill that has helped me thrive in my career and personal life is the ability to be radically honest, with myself and other people.

I’ve learned to be honest about who I am and who I am not,
what I want and what I don’t, what I will accept and what I will not.
I’ve embraced taking full responsibility for my life and how it plays out. (Not in an overly controlling way, obviously we cannot control everything that happens to us but definitely in a “Where’s my part? How am I responding here? What needs to happen next?” way.)

People started to reflect this to me more and more…

“You are so kind and caring but also so strong.”
“I love that you always lead with compassion but you’re not afraid to say it like it is.”
“Thank you for holding space for me, and also showing me the gaps you’re seeing that I couldn’t.”
“It’s amazing how decisive and communicative you are but I always know that you have the utmost love and respect behind every piece of feedback you give.”

I’ve coined this Soft Power and 
this coaching program will teach you how to apply it in your way in your life.

What soft Power clients have to say...

Transformational!!! Soft Power gave me the framework, practices and support I needed to start shedding my shy girl identity and become the confident woman who speaks up even when it’s absolutely terrifying and makes confident decisions.
My biggest takeaway is realizing I can do hard and uncomfortable things like using my voice more and making big decisions. The best part was learning HOW to speak up, use my voice, and make decisions and having support while implementing the practices in my life.
I really enjoyed going through this program. It has been a huge game changer in my life as I start my business and make life changing decisions. I really appreciate this program and all your support during it ❤️
Emily C.
Soft Power Grad
Soft power is simply the best program I have ever been in. It has given me the clarity with so many things in my life and has gotten me to a place where I can make decisions and stick with them. The tools are things you will keep coming back to. The best part is being in a community and solidifying my SP voice and using it over and over-getting that practice in is key for me because using my voice is harder for me. Truly, this program is life changing, amazing, and so innovative. I was able to open up with others in the breakout room and get their feedback. It really helped me be able to then have that conversation with my own friends. I shocked myself by actually speaking up 🙂
Melissa C.
Soft Power Grad
Going through Soft Power has really helped me gain clarity on how I want to show up in my life, and helped me realize that I don't need to be in some specific place to start doing that; I can start showing up for myself right now. I found that the group coaching made me feel supported and provided some much-needed accountability to actually taking action on the things we were learning about. Soft Power has changed how I make decisions, big and small, and has given me the tools to start taking ownership of my own life.
Nicole K.
Soft Power Grad
This program is warm, fierce, and collective. I was suprised by how helpful/powerful it was to articulate my soft power vision. I hadn't really done that before and writing it out (and speaking it!) helped immensely to bring it to life.
Nina H.
Soft Power Alumni

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Say what you mean, with compassion. Be who you are, with conviction.

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