the subtle strength to move with conviction and compassion in your life and relationships

an 8 week coaching program to help you tap into the steady confidence and certainty within you so you can stop quieting your voice and embrace YOUR inner strength.

is this your norm right now?

In your relationship, do you keep quiet because you don’t want to upset your partner but underneath you’re bubbling with ideas of how things could be even better or needs you have that aren’t being met? 

When you’re around your family, you shrink and feel like a wallflower watching everyone around you take charge while you stand in the background with zero choices, somehow reverting back to your 12 year old self. 

When you think about your future, you have an inkling of the kind of life you want – but it feels big and scary soooo you stay right where you are, doing what’s comfortable and familiar slowly feeling like you’re drowning in the monotony. Talking yourself in and out of the bold moves over and over again.

At work, you have so much to say but when it comes to showing up, you say nothing. You don’t speak your mind because you’re afraid of being judged or someone disliking you, even though you know you have great ideas to share?

let's change that. Soft Power was made for you.

You can be your softer, more compassionate self AND hold genuine confidence and power in your life.  

I’ll show you the building blocks. You make it your own!

Here's what I mean by that...

You know that there is true strength that comes from an internal steadiness and certainty but you have questions on how to truly live from that place, how to listen to it and bring it forward to lead your life. You know you don’t have to scream in order to be heard but somehow, you still struggle to bring the full you to the table.

After Soft Power, you’ll walk away with...

A look into what We'll cover


Stop the hate

When you’re mean to yourself, you shrink. When you’re kind, you will feel free to speak and shine. You’ve got to stop being your own worst enemy. I’ll show you how. 


Do the hard stuff

But also… We’re going to talk a lot about self accountability and tough love (when appropriate). You need it to keep showing up. This skill is an INVALUABLE part of Soft Power. No one will do it for you.


Dropping anchor

Wait, wait, wait — What is it that you’re working towards anyway? Let’s slow down for a minute & recenter or maybe give yourself permission to dream for the first time. Gain clarity on who you are becoming and where you’re headed.


Form your BOD

Absolutely no one gets anywhere alone. That’s a facade. Want to get there faster? We grow together. 


Use Your Voice

Activating Soft Power means increasing your capacity to hold it all. Speaking up even when it’s uncomfortable. You’ll learn a tangible practice to increase emotional intelligence and use your voice so you can feel strong even in the harder moments.


It's time to move

Stretch yourself, get uncomfortable. Let’s MOVE. Words without action won’t get you far. Define your calculated next steps and put it into practice, now, not 3 months or a year from now.

It Is Not Ego Driven. It Is Not A Persona.

There is nothing to prove. There is just life to be lived - more authentically, more intentionally, more powerfully.

I have minimized this little (BIG!) skill in myself before. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that I started to wake up to how fucking important this is. The strength, the confidence, the self understanding…

And the fact that it doesn’t have to look one way. You don’t have to be loud, in people’s faces or always “on” in order to exude Soft Power.

It comes from within you.

Learning how to hone in my own Soft Power completely transformed my life for the better.

This program will walk you through the HOW of this internal work that can often seem so ambiguous. I promise, it’s not. One of my biggest commitments working in this field is to help make the intangible, tangible and to give you actionable tips and tools that will help you build these skill sets.

The Format:

6 content modules with live coaching

to make sure your questions are answered along the way

actionable and tangible practices for you to implement what you’re learning

(Think: journal prompts, writing exercises, breathwork, self experiments, etc)

Access to all recordings for 6 months

It’s best if you can but no biggie if you can’t make all the calls live!

*Soft Power will run live from February 20 - March 3 on Zoom. This is the beta round of soft power and a special opportunity to get first dibs on brand new content at the best rate!

i'm chelsea

and i'm here to tell you that

I’ve totally been there. I’ve played it safe in my career because I was scared of what others would think if I really went at it on my own. I’ve quieted myself for years continuing to go to social settings that I hated. I have said things weren’t a “big deal” until my body was literally screaming at me to wake up. 

And then I did, I woke up. In so many ways. I found my voice. I’m still me. I still hold a deep sense of compassion and kindness but I also MOVE. I take my life seriously and have a HIGH level of self responsibility because I’ve learned that no one will create the life I dream of, except for me. And you bet I’m committed to doing that. 

It started with doing the inner work. 

My role as a coach is not to tell you what to do but to walk alongside you and invite you to bring the answers you have within you front & center (and yes, of course, share tools, research backed techniques, and powerful support along the way). 

As a coach I am both compassionate and hold conviction. I will be honest and call you out with a deep sense of reverence and respect for all that you are, and all that you’re becoming. I will help you connect the dots between the pieces of your life that may feel unclear right now. It’s a blend of action and reflection.

I’ve worked with thousands (yep, really) of clients at this point throughout my years as a clinical therapist, and now as a coach. I’ve been running my own business and leading a team of coaches and I’m here to tell you — this work is essential if you want to live a life of inner freedom, fulfillment and possibility.  

Still Questioning? That's okay.

I welcome your skepticism and appreciate your honesty. Truly!! 

But here’s what I have to say…

Don’t let another week, month, year(!?!) go by feeling muted, quieted or like you have so much bursting within you but you just don’t know how to let your Soft Power out into the world. What if that could change for the better now, even by you committing to showing up to try something new? 

I got you. It doesn’t have to take a long time. But it does take commitment and openness, which I’m going to guess innately lives somewhere within you, whether you know it yet or not. 

Imagine if...

  • You could be so proud of YOURSELF for finally having the hard conversations 
  • You no longer spent days questioning what you already knew to be true because you actually trusted yourself 
  • You felt so damn powerful in the most genuine and authentic to you way 
  • You were actively making moves in your life that felt right for YOU – be it in your career, your relationships, your health, etc. 
  • You felt at peace inside knowing you didn’t have to perform anymore 
  • You could lean into a new level of leadership and strength in every single aspect of your life
It’s possible. Yes, even for you.

Take it from them...

“In working with Chelsea I've been able to tap into my self-trust, worthiness, and autonomy, which has allowed me to grieve a heart-wrenching breakup, develop a deep sense of inner harmony, and build confidence to show up as my full, true self. I've gotten so, so much out of our sessions. This is THE WORK."

Mandy C

“She’s incredible at what she does — she’s brilliant, intuitive, thoughtful, professional, creative, and kind. She helped guide me through a confusing and stressful chapter of my life by offering valuable guidance and concrete action items I could implement in my day-to-day life.”

Hiba A