Who would you be if you weren’t always looking around for them to give you permission?


It’s time to stop looking for permission outside & start giving it to yourself

Walk away feeling more grounded in your ability to be yourself and regulate your nervous system …or your money back.

Using your breath to regulate your nervous system is the most effective way to build your connection to the elusive self trust, confidence and inner knowing you’ve been searching for for years.

  • Learn a 3 part conscious breathing technique that is scientifically proven to help you change your brain 
  • Start a daily reflection practice that’s actually worth the time and energy because it will help you hear yourself more than the noise of the world outside
  • Become a more grounded and confident person who sees more options and possibilities because you’ve gained tools to build stability from within 

What You’re Getting Inside of SOLID GROUND:

Solid Ground is a 10 day breathwork course that includes 3 live breathwork experiences
AND 10 daily reflection practices via audio prompts (10 min OR LESS). 
PART one:


Learn the mindset you truly need to have to create the foundation of trust and groundedness that will support your life with strength. Strong roots are they key to withstanding the inevitable storm of life without getting blown away. Not only will you learn about the key mindset shifts to make, you will also apply the 3 part conscious breathing technique that will teach you how to use your breath to regulate your nervous system, let go of unhelpful emotions and create the results you’ve always wanted in your life, without waiting for permission.

Part two:


What would you do if you knew you could do anything you set your mind to? That’s part two. So many people stifle their own growth because of fear OR they build up their next steps to be so monumental that they don’t even touch them. In this part of Solid Ground, you will understand the right way to approach growth that is clear and concrete so you can actually identify your progress along the way. Positive reinforcement is essential to keep the momentum going.  

Part three


Master the art of rolling with what comes. Not in a passive, “I don’t care” way. No. In the way where you don’t get hung up on things that don’t matter and give your power away. Part Three is all about finding the balance of going with the flow of life while also being grounded into something and someone (YOU) meaningful. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to hold BOTH.

10 transformational days start on August 1st!

And if you’re one of the ones who thinks “meditation and breathwork doesn’t work for me…” let’s think again:

The breathwork technique you will learn is beyond the dabbling you’ve done on Headspace or through Wim Hof. It combines conscious connected breathing, visualizations, affirmations and intentional music to help you reach a peak emotional state (safely). 

Breathwork has been shown to boost mood, improve alertness, lower stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality… it’s literally physiology. You can’t fight it. You just have to find the right way to breathe (which you’ll learn in Solid Ground!)

If you think you don’t have time, here’s what I have to say:

How much time will you waste in your current state? How much of your life will go by as you wait to have more time? It just doesn’t happen. Your time will fill up. You have to choose what you fill it with. 

Solid Ground was created to be a realistic fit into your day to day! It won’t take you hours and hours to implement, promise. 

When you join SOLID GROUND, I guarantee you’ll walk away with a deeper connection to yourself, and a new tool added to your toolbox that will help you feel limitless.

Right now, you can get SOLID GROUND for $97 (price goes up to $197 on August 1st!).

Take it from them...

“In working with Chelsea I've been able to tap into my self-trust, worthiness, and autonomy, which has allowed me to grieve a heart-wrenching breakup, develop a deep sense of inner harmony, and build confidence to show up as my full, true self. I've gotten so, so much out of our sessions. This is THE WORK."

Mandy C

“She’s incredible at what she does — she’s brilliant, intuitive, thoughtful, professional, creative, and kind. She helped guide me through a confusing and stressful chapter of my life by offering valuable guidance and concrete action items I could implement in my day-to-day life.”

Hiba A

Your investment is backed by a money back guarantee!

If you implement all 10 days of the program and are not satisfied with your results, you will get a refund. I am that confident this work works, when ya do it. 😉

new here? welcome!


I started out my career as a traditional psychotherapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I’ve been coaching for 7+ years, have led a team of coaches at a fast paced tech start up, and continue to build powerful coaching programs, both in my own business and for other organizations.

I take a no bullshit approach to this work through a blend of compassion, exploration and action using research backed techniques + holistic wellness practices. (We welcome both sides here 🙂). 

Walk away feeling more grounded in your ability to be yourself and regulate your nervous system …or your money back.