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show up this holiday season

These last two months of the year are filled with tough moments…


  • Another dinner you don’t really want to go to but end up saying yes to anyway
  • Another year you spend hating that girl from high school because secretly you wish you had her life 
  • Another conversation about your future with your aunt that you’re already dreading and feel shitty about
  • Another Netflix session you’ll spend reflecting on the year, wishing you had actually run that marathon instead of signing up and dipping out
  • Another friendsgiving you’ll find yourself apologizing for “being a mess” because you didn’t bring the best dish when truly you just hate cooking
  • Another year you find yourself biting your tongue because you’re so scared of offending anyone with your presence and opinions
  • Another year you feel anxious whether your brother in law is talking about you behind your back now
It’s time for a change, my friend! You deserve more than this and I’m going to show you how to do things differently, for real. 
If you’re sick of apologizing for things you’re not sorry for and you wish you could show up more powerfully to show people who you really are, this workshop is for you.

Do you simultaneously feel grateful for a lot of things while desperately wishing you had more? It’s time to stop apologizing for being who you are. 

Instead of getting small, repeating the same habits you always say you’ll stop, this holiday season will be different because you’ll be prepared.

You’ll have taken the time to think it through and map it out.

Get beyond the fleeting thoughts of coulda, shoulda, woulda.

You’ll actually have a clear picture of how you can shock them with your SORRY NOT SORRY confidence, in the best way.

This workshop will shake the unnecessarily apologetic self out of you.

We’ll work through tangible ways you can

  • Create a plan for how you want to show up & what that actually looks like (so you don’t revert back to your high school self)
  • Learn how to tell a true no, and a true yes (and then follow through on them without guilt or fearing what other people will say)
  •  Gain clarity on who you are and what you’re doing (so you’re not susceptible to constantly apologizing and shrinking) 

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You in? 

New here? Welcome!

I’m Chelsea.

I started out my career as a traditional psychotherapist, which means I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’m also a Board Certified Coach and National Certified Counselor.

I’ve been coaching for 7+ years, have led a team of coaches and continue to build powerful coaching programs, both in my own business and for other organizations.

I take a no bullshit approach to this work through a blend of compassion, exploration and action using research backed techniques + holistic wellness practices. (We welcome both sides here :)). Over the years I’ve seen how essential it is to bridge the gap between mental wellness and personal growth which is exactly what I’m on a mission to do with my work in the world.

Reclaim your voice, embrace change and build unshakable confidence.

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