The Practice Vault

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Your Library of Mental Wellness Resources for Millennials.

I’ve had the privilege of walking intimately alongside a diverse group of humans navigating some of life’s biggest challenges and questions. I’ve picked up on some commonalities throughout these conversations.

The Practice Vault is how I can bring those action packed insights and tools to you – to amplify your mental well-being, increase connection to yourself and move towards the life you’ve always wanted.

Below you’ll find workshops, exercises, courses, challenges and more that will support you on your journey.

In this experience, I will guide you through an exploration of anxiety, and how to work with it, using both mental wellness and coaching practices.

In this training, I walk you through the process of identifying where you can let go of unhelpful patterns, habits or beliefs.

When anxiety is driving the bus of your life, it depletes your sense of fulfillment. It causes you to question your truth, your power, your worth.

Out of your head and into your life. Release what keeps you stuck and root into the truth of all you are. Bring more of yourself to the world.
One Payment $244 OR 3 Payments $82

Imagine being able to navigate through the challenging seasons of life feeling as confident as you do during the celebratory ones.

One Payment $444 OR 4 Payments $111