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Loving Lately – September!

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One of my favorite parts of this platform is being able to share so much with you all! Here’s a round up of all the things I’m loving lately to support my own personal mental, emotional and physical well-being! As always, YOU are the expert of you. Take what works for you, experiment with it, and leave the rest. (None of this is sponsored. Just sharing what I’m digging!) 🙂  Here are some of my favorite things I’ve been utilizing lately: Runkeeper – If ya follow me on Insta, (which if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!), you probably know that I’m training for a half marathon with one of my closest friends. Running is hard! I haven’t run like this in a long, long time. Runkeeper is an awesome app I’ve been using. They created a plan for me based on my needs (ie. goal time, where I …

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Letting Go of Anger & Resentment

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Ohhh, anger. Why oh why do we have such a complex relationship with anger?! Here’s the thing – when I think about anger, I immediately think of pain. Let me tell you why. I truly believe that most of our anger can be rooted back to hurt in one way or another, whether it’s crossed boundaries that built to resentment, feeling taken advantage of, repeated disappointment or betrayal. Whatever it may be, our anger is usually a good sign that we’ve been hurt.  Resentment comes when we try to push away how we really feel. Do that long enough, and you’ll begin to resent the people around you fast as lightning.  Anger can also manifest as a defense mechanism for some people when they’re feeling vulnerable, threatened or insecure in some way. Add in a lack of communication to the mix and we have ourselves a whole bunch of frustrated, …

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Sleep Hacks for the Insomniac in You

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So many of my clients describe feeling tired and depleted ALL THE TIME. When I ask them about their relationship with sleep or how their sleep hygiene is, I’m often met with a blank stare. Changing your relationship with/habits around sleep is one of THE most beneficial things you can do for your young adult self – in all aspect. Career, relationships, health, you name it!!  Listen, I get it…I’ve struggled with sleep since the time I came out of the womb. Seriously, ask my mom. It was not fun for her (or me).  A normal night used to look like crawling into bed at whatever time (it really didn’t matter what time it was), and laying there, staring at the ceiling, rolling from side to side for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. It made for a lot of sleepless nights. It lead to sleep anxiety – I would …

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My Loving Lately Summer Edition – Well-being Support

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It’s about time for a good ol’ loving lately post. If you’ve been following along over on IG (if you’re not, HI, come hang out!), you probably know that we’re about to move from Charleston to Virginia Beach.  Moving, traveling, weddings, visitors – lots happening this summer. Can anyone relate? This summer is shaping up to be pretty dang full and busy! Whenever life ramps up in speed, I always try to hanker down on the ways that I can support myself. I know what it feels like to lose ALL of my routines, habits and wellness practices that keep me feeling grounded and coming back to myself, and let me just say – you don’t want to hang out with that version of Chelsea.  It’s so important to me to support myself from as many angles as possible ESPECIALLY during busier and more chaotic seasons of life. The key …

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10 Tips on Letting Go

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First things first: There is no one size fits all approach to this process. In this post, I hope to open your mind to some thoughts, perspectives and ideas but being that I have no clue what you’re going through, take what works for you, and as always – leave the rest! (How ironic to the topic of this post!!) I often work with clients who tell me that letting go is a STRUGGLE. They can’t seem to shake things like… an idea of what their life “should” look like by now guilt around a relationship that isn’t working an old habit/pattern that’s keeping them stuck feeing bad about setting a clear boundary with someone they lo0o0ove an emotion/feeling about themselves or someone else that they just can’t kick a belief around who they are/are not that is no longer serving expectations (either from other peeps like family/friends/co-workers, or themselves) …

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How to Turn FOMO into JOMO

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Ready to kick FOMO to the curb for good so you can start actually enjoying your free time? Start here! FOMO – lovingly defined as the fear of missing out. That sneaky, sneaky feeling so many of us get at the thought of claiming a night in, saying no to brunch or opting out of a weekend trip. That ache in your gut that has you feeling like sad sally on the outskirts watching life go by.  “But what if I miss something important? What if they have fun without me?! Doesn’t being alone or staying in make me a loser?”  Oh. the. worry.  FOMO can really lead us to a spiral of self doubt and anxiety. FOMO impacts so many clients that I work with, and so profoundly, that they find themselves living lives they don’t enjoy, surrounded by people they don’t actually value… OR they feel absolutely drained …

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Relationships, Connection, Love – 6 Things to Ask Yourself About It

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Relationships are a big part of our lives. Connection. Love. – A vital piece that we need to feel good in this whole human situation. I often chat with clients and work with them as they’re sifting through some challenging relationships, situationships, or loneliness as young adults. Everything around us (aka society, social media, social norms, family expectations) tells them that in order to be adulting correctly, things should look a certain way and happen in a certain order – and you better keep up, or else. Well here’s the thing, when we succumb to this external pressure SO much that we lose sight of who we are, what we need and what the purpose of relationships even is, we run into trouble. Like big fat, slap in the face trouble from your gut and intuition. They tend to stand up real tall when we’ve been ignoring them long enough. …

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Tools & Apps I’m Loving Lately!

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I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday where my doctor needed to use some fancy technology to take a look down my throat at the cysts on my vocal cords (If you’re new here, that’s a thing I’m going through at the moment). The computer system had a glitch and while we waited for the entire system to reboot we chatted about how amazing technology is — when it works LOLZ.  I know we’ve all had the experience when technology DOESN’T work and how frustrating that can be.  But more times than not, technology shows up for us and there are SO many ways we can use it as support in our lives.  I use lots of tools to help me feel good, and support me on my mission to live life to my fullest ability.  I wanted to share some of these resources with you so you can benefit and live your …

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A Week Without My Voice

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Radio. Silence. — For those of you who are new in this space, I had surgery on my vocal cords. Nothing major and I’ll be fine, but I couldn’t speak for a week — at all. Doctor’s protocol.  While amidst my week of forced silence, I had so many thoughts swirling around in my head and I wanted to get them out into the world. Here’s my reflections during and following #chelseasforcedsilentretreat: Gratitude. I’m grateful beyond belief. Going out into public for a week without using my voice has shown me how much privilege I have. Specifically, how much my health, in itself, is a HUMONGOOOOO privilege. I am so grateful to feel well MOST of the time in my life. I picked up on the confused faces as my family explained to servers that I couldn’t speak to order my own food. I felt sad when I couldn’t contribute to …

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Getting Out of Your Head

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Have you ever heard people say something along the lines of “You just need to get out of your own head..” meaning something along the lines of: you’re getting in your own way, you’re thinking too much about it, you’re caring too much, you’re stepping on your own toes, keeping yourself stuck, etc. Well, how the eff do we go about “getting out of our own heads” when it’s the only one we really have? The only space we’ve ever lived in internally? The one brain we were given to live in and to support us along this crazy little thang we like to call life? I was thinking about this last night and reflecting on some clients I’ve been working with. Sometimes staying in our own headspace can make us feel stuck. It can make us feel limited, suffocated and EXHAUSTED. When we stay stuck in our own headspace, …