Welcome to #Adulting
Group Coaching Program

Have you dreamed about your life as a twenty something year old?

Did it include a sweet, stable job, a reliable group of friends, a fun and exciting city, financial independence, etc. etc?

I’ll bet when you thought about post college life, it didn’t include a butt load of self doubt, feeling totally alone, struggling to find a good job, incessant questions from family asking you what’s next or feeling like everyone else has their sh*t together and you’re quickly falling behind.


Join me in the Welcome to #Adulting group coaching program!

A four month intimate group coaching program where we’ll cover the most important, tricky, close to home topics we were never warned about:

-How to create friends and find community as an adult

-Feeling like a failure and how to deal with self comparison

-Learning about our emotions

– anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness

-How to find purpose/passion/fulfillment 

-Navigating career uncertainty & difficulty

-Family stress and expectations

-How to manage finances/live within your means

-Building a strong sense of self worth and confidence

-Creating nourishing adult routines and rituals

-Relationships & friendships

-& more..

This group is designed just for my millennial loving, joy seeking ladies who truly believe there is more to life than living to work.You’re opting out of the “just suck it up” approach to life.

You believe that life is meant to be well enjoyed, not just endured.

You may be feeling stuck right now but it ain’t where you plan to stay.

Enrollment is closed for now! πŸ™‚

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