Strengthen Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Together



Ready to lead a team that is motivated, resilient, productive and ready to learn? Help your team develop the skills they need to show up excited and ready to work. With anxiety, depression and stress levels on the rise, access and knowledge of these skills is vital to group success.

What’s Included:
– A curated program to support your group or organization
– Personal coaching for employees and leaders via video chat
– Team strengthening exercises and presentations


Strengthen resiliency, emotional intelligence and self awareness to expand your audience’s culture. Life doesn’t always have to feel so hard and anxiety shouldn’t be the norm. It’s something I’m wildly passionate about sharing. I’ll share insights and tangible how-to’s to help your community improve their lives.

The Options:
– Podcast interviews
– Lunch & learn sessions
– Half day training
– Have me at your next event, meeting or panel

Common Topics:
Transitioning to Adulthood, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, Practicing Confidence and Self Efficacy, Developing Self Awareness, Realistic Ways to Prioritize Mental and Emotional Well-being as a Busy Millennial, Tapping into creativity to support growth and well-being, Managing Perfectionism and Exploring Failure. The opportunities are endless!