Finding Contentment in Your Life, Today

We’re constantly on the hunt for the next big thing. The next step, the bigger prize, the reward, whatever “thing” we think will bring us happiness. Life can become a constant search for “happy.”

Lately I’ve been trying to stay more present. I’ve been meditating multiple times a day (without forcing it). I’ve been craving stillness. I’ve found that even after my normally scheduled morning meditation, I want to do it again at other points throughout my day. It’s really helping me to gain clarity and a kind of understanding I didn’t know existed.

That being said, I still find myself worrying a lot, thinking about what would happen if I wasn’t ever “successful.”

One thing I’m learning is that happiness is not something gained, it’s a choice. It’s my choice to be happy because my life is a gift. (I also want to acknowledge that I’m coming from a place of privilege.) For me, I am lucky enough to have all of my basic needs met and so I can choose to focus on other areas of my life that bring me joy.

I think part of what’s changing for me is I’m slowing developing a sense of contentment in my life. I don’t feel as attached to the next thing happening that I believe will make me happy.

As someone who is historically a Type A, “game plan” type of person, this feels a bit strange to talk about. I’m learning that I can have both a sense of contentment and a sense of inspiration/drive that coexist. I can feel like my life is enough as it is right now, today AND I can have bigger dreams, goals and plans.

I can feel content to just be me, right here, today. I am content. How about you?

If this resonates with you and you’re looking to find your own version of contentment here are some key things that have helped me get to this point:

  1. Lifestyle changes: This whole journey started when I really began exploring how I spend my time and what I believe is really important to my overall well-being. I prioritize sleep. I prioritize eating in a way that feels nourishing for me. I am consistent with healthy movement. I allow myself space and time to relax, regroup and disconnect when I’m craving it. It took a bit of trial and error and I’m still always adding and tweaking. I think cultivating a nourishing lifestyle is an ongoing journey as our lives are constantly changing as well.
  2. Quiet time: Sometimes (a lot lately) this looks like meditation. Sometimes journaling. Sometimes a long walk without my phone. Sometimes reading a book on my couch. Allowing time to appreciate, find gratitude, think and create.
  3. Letting go of my burning desire to do it all at once: I’ve come to terms with the fact that things ebb and flow throughout life. I don’t need to have EVERYTHING in order or under control all of the time. I don’t usually feel a need to be rushing from one task to the next (or at least not as often). It’s been a relief for me to let go of that ideal.
  4. Recognizing that contentment isn’t going to come from anything external. I have the power to make these small shifts that help me to feel good on a regular basis. I don’t need a lot of money, a perfect body, fancy clothes or constant approval to feel sufficient and content.

If you’re looking for more support or action steps on how you can work on this in your own life hit me up friend!

Picture of Chelsea Connors

Chelsea Connors