Navigating Emotions and Stress

support yourself in the hard moments

see your emotions from a different perspective

Feel like you can’t get out of your own way when you’re in the feels?

Sometimes your emotions can feel so big, almost like they run your days. Once the anxiety, the fear, the sadness, the frustration or the doubt hits, game over… day ruined. And the cycle then repeats. “WHY CAN’T I GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD?!” And once you get to that point, what can you do?

It’s hard to take a step back and think about what you can be doing to better support yourself in these hard moments or seasons of life.

The truth? You can’t get rid of our emotions. They’re not your enemy. AND there’s a way to ride through the emotions that can feel better, that doesn’t knock you totally off your feet.

Your emotions have helpful information when you know how to be intentional with them. You’ll recognize what’s happening in the moment, and take the aligned action to both guide yourself, and how you deal with the world around you so that you can feel more empowered, confident and calm.

What’s Inside The Bundle?

  • Reworking Your Emotions Video Training

  • Navigating Stress & Burnout Video Training

  • Two Digital Workbooks With Integration Tools And Techniques

  • BONUS: Unwind Audio Practice

  • BONUS: 10 Ways To Destress PDF

Have We Met?!

My name is Chelsea

I’m a Certified Life Coach + Former Therapist

Utilizing a blend of research based coaching and therapeutic techniques, I support my clients in releasing anxiety, self doubt and emotional health utilizing holistic mental health coaching practices. I’m passionate about bridging the gap between emotional and mental well-being and personal growth.

I’m on a mission to make the conversation and knowledge around practices, skills and connection that facilitate mental wellness and a life well lived (whatever that means to you) for each and every one of us more accessible, normalized and approachable.

After receiving my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and working in several clinical settings, I fell in love with supporting others in navigating the ups and downs of the “real world,” without feeling powerless to unrelenting expectations, self doubt and anxiety.